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Our Curriculum

I Believe In Myself

Module 1:


This module focuses on learning to belief in yourself. We discuss accomplishments, speak affirmations, journal about goals, discuss becoming the best version of yourself and engage one another in the Soyini Circle Sacred Circle. (Journals, worksheets, books and hands-on exercises included.)

I Move In Excellence

Module 2:


This module highlights what girls are confident about; we discuss what makes you confident, why in other areas you may not be as confident and how you can become the best version of yourself in all areas by staying true to yourself.  We journal about ways to improve, set goals, speak affirmations and complete visualizations. (Journals, worksheets, books and hands-on exercises included.)

Queen To Be

Module 3:


This module focuses on your appearance and how you present everything about yourself. How does your outer appearance reflect who you are and are you presenting the correct image you want to share with the world. Are you moving in 100% excellence? Completing your homework and chores; We also discuss ways to enhance your look while working on your inside as well, Mentally and Physically. (Journals, worksheets and hands on-exercises included.)

I Shine From The Inside Out

Module 4:

Health & Wellness Education

STEM- (Science) Health & Wellness Education-“I shine from the Inside Out” This module focuses on living a healthy lifestyle, focuses on our Health and Wellness; Students are introduced to organic foods vs. non organic foods; the pesticides that are used and how it affects the body; students are also shown organic symbols on food to verify that its organic ; Students are shown what and how to prepare their food, exercises and caring for yourself using a Human Body kit. The Life of a Seed component includes students visiting a farm and learning the cycle of growth. Students visit a farm and learn techniques to produce and grow their own food. Students who participate in both segments will receive a potter with a seed to take home and grow. (Workbook, journals and Human Body Kit and plant potter is included)

Girl Power

Module 5:


We focus on hygiene and keeping the body clean, from our hair, face, mouth and ears to the most privates parts of our body. Girls learn the importance to care for themselves before applying any lotion or scent to the body. They learn  the body must clean. Next, we allow students to design their very own perfume scent, from the name, logo, a slogan and the mixture; its all theirs and last, they present their creation to their peers. Its one our most popular modules. The girls love it!

I'm Tech Savvy

Module 6:

Social Media Etiquette

This module focuses on the do’s and don’ts in the Social Media World; we discuss emails, Face book, Instagram, SnapChat, blogging, twitter, photos, text message and relationships in the virtual world. (Worksheets and hands on exercises included.)

The Sacred Mindset & The Goddess Power Modules

Module 7 & 8:

Mental Health

The Sacred Mindset Module-  Introduces girls to techniques that aids them in dealing with depression, anxiety and stress. Girls will learn about meditation practices, benefits of deep breathing, mantras, energy points in the body and will be introduced to yoga and healing crystal energy for emotional and mental support.

Goddess Power Module – “ I Am Goddess( insert your name)”  This modules focuses on truly identifying the feminine power we all possess as females. Students are taught that as a female they have an innate power within them that they can use for good or bad. They will learn they have the ability to be great and to love themselves by looking within not looking outward. We discuss the history of Goddesses from ancient times so they understand feminine power. (Worksheets, journals and pens included)

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